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My story ~ I have been trying different CBD tinctures for at least 6 years. ( I do have daily pain.  Hip pain, Fibromyalgia pains, and situational anxiety). I do not use pain medications. 

I feel better than ever! I take CBD infused with Turmeric (with black pepper, which increases the properties by 2,000%)

 Three reasons why I am staying with the Blooming Botanical

1-They make a product that has 2,000 mg. All in 1 bottle!!  (the exact same size as the bottles I was getting with 500mg or 1,000mg! This means less oil, and more CBD!)

2-The CBD's are infused with turmeric or lavender (you choose). Both have several medicinal properties. (I use Turmeric for anti inflammatory, Lavender for relaxation or sleep)

3-The dropper has a measuring device on it, so this way I know exactly how much I am taking.


I hope you get relief! Peace be with you!!

Here's a fourth reason! 'Blooming Botanicals is proud to offer a premium, full spectrum CBD oil that is herbally infused with essential oils and wholesome ingredients. Our non-psychoactive formula is also Vegan, Non-GMO, and specially crafted to help you perform at your best! One of our missions is to support our community, not just locally but humanity and the environment at large.'   -Visit the site for more information